Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Starting to feel like a BRIDE!!!!

So this past Monday (7/11/11), I went dress shopping.  I had been on a short outing once before to browse at dresses when my little sister from the sorority (who happens to also be one of my bridesmaids) was in town.  However, this was a totally different experience.  This time, I ventured out with my mom, my future mother-in-law, and my sister who had come in town just for the occasion!  Before when I had gone dress shopping it just felt like we were playing dress up, that I was just trying on pretty dresses.   BUT, this time when I was out...it finally felt like we were shopping for my WEDDING DRESS!!!! 

Going into the day, I had my sights set on two dresses I had tried on durring the prior shopping trip with my sorority sisters (dress #1 & dress #2).  There was one in particular (dress #1) that was pulling at my heart strings that I couldn't stop thinking about.  I was saving that one for last!!! 

We started the day at a dress boutique near downtown, and it was a total flop.  There wasn't a single dress there that I really liked.  We were in and out of there in about 45 minutes...

This is a little sample of what store #1 offered.  Hot right?!?! The bottom layer that makes the gown full lentgth is actually removable...you know...so that once the ceremony is over, you can take it off and really get the party started!  At least we got a good laugh out of the offerings at this place! Hahaha! 
So back in the car...and off to store #2!!!

This store was definately much more our style!  The dresses were GORGEOUS, and the service, impecable!  This was one of the stores I had visted on my first adventure dress shopping and as soon as I walked in, they recognized me and pulled the dress I picked the last time (dress #2).  We also went through and selected several more gowns for me to try on.  We spent the most time at this store!  This store was home to one of the two dresses I had found last time, and it was my #2 pick going in to the day.  My #1 was at the last store we would visit after this. 

However, this time I found a dress that really stood out to me (dress #3).  One I hadn't tried on the last time I had come in.  It was also the only dress of the day that made both my mom and sister cry.  (I had actually expected more tears since before we had even left the house that morning, my mother was already crying!)  It was pretty much perfect.  It had a little bit of everything I liked from all the different dresses I had tried on.  And on top of that, I knew it was one Kevin would absolutely love.  I spent the most time in this dress.  We put on all the finishing touches, tried different veils with it, different head pieces.  I walked from one end of the store to the other in it.  I loved it, and didn't want to take it off.  But...I had to...because we had one more store to go to. 

So...on to store #3...the final store.

This is where my #1 dress going into the day was located.  It was a fun, young, frilly sparkly dress that I loved....that morning.  However, after the new dress at the last store (dress #3), I wasn't so sure anymore.  But since this was the one time all of us would be together for this, I still wanted to show them, because this was the dress they had all heard about for 2 weeks! 

So...we went in, I slipped it on, she zipped it up....and....the spark was gone.  Even the women at the store could see it in my eyes.  They all said the last time I came out of the fitting room with a huge smile on my face, and that this time, it wasn't quite there. It was hard to compare the two dresses, because they were COMPLETELY different.  There wasn't a single thing similar about them other then the fact they were wedding dresses.  The were different styles, different colors, different materials, they gave off different vibes. 

My sister kept saying that it was totally a me dress.  That it was something she always pictured me in.  And I can't say I disagreed with her.  I had felt the same way.  It was totally the type of dress that I always pictured myself in.  It was totally my style of dress, fun, flirty...it sparkled...literally.  But it wasn't necessarily a dress I would have to wear when I got married.  Cut the train off...and I could and would have totally worn that dress to prom, or my big sorority formal (we have one every four years that calls for big ball gowns and not just a fun cocktail dress like most).  It was a stunning dress, but after finding the new one at store #2, it didn't scream wedding dress to me anymore.

After my first shopping adventure and narrowing down the two, I found that on the one dress I wasn't as crazy about I kept finding flaws (or creating flaws) with it (dress #2).  The other dress, this dress (dress #1), I couldn't find a flaw.  However, today, after finding the new dress (#3), this first dress(#1) was the one I was picking apart.  The one I had raved about for two weeks was now not as impressive to me, and I "realized" that there were actually a lot of flaws that I hadn't seen before.  I think this was just my hearts way of telling me that this wasn't the one.  This dress was gorgeous and their weren't any flaws, but I kept finding them (or making them up). 

We decided it would be best to sleep on it since I have another month or two before I HAVE to order it.  So that's what I did...I slept on it last night, and all I drempt about was dress #3 that I had found that day.  In my dreams I could see my mom and bridesmaids getting me into the dress, and I could see my dad walking in the room with a big smile on his face, and I could see Kevin just loving how I looked in the dress as I walked towards him.  I seen myself at the reception, having fun and loving how I looked.  I think the dream is a good indicator as to which dress I will ultimately get since in the two weeks I've been thinking about the first dress, not once did I ever dream about wearing it on my actual wedding day! 

But until then, I guess everyone will have to wait to see which dress I picked out! 

What's coming up....

I'm still in the hunt for the perfect reception hall.  I'll be visiting another this week, and I hope it blows me away.  I'd like to have the reception hall, church, and dress set in the next month or so, so that I don't have to worry and stress about it anymore!  All the other stuff is just little fillers that can be pulled together as the time gets closer! 

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