Monday, June 27, 2011

Wedding Planning Fun!!

So, I always thought I would love planning the wedding because I'm a total planner and I love planning anything and this is my of course I'll love it, but I am actually having a lot more fun then I thought I would with everything!!!  From meeting with photographers, to touring hotels, and discussing the kind of music I'd like at the reception with DJs, it has all been so much fun!  It still hasn't really hit me yet that Kev and I are actually getting married!!!  I've always been more excited about mine and Kev's "happily ever after" and the things that come after the wedding when we're married then the actual wedding day itself, but the more I plan and the more I narrow down my choices the more excited I get!

For a long time I thought Kevin and I had to get married in Knoxville since we live here and since there isn't really anywhere to hold a wedding back in our parents town.  But I was stuck on this idea of getting married in my parents church back home.  It's a very new church, I think we officially had our first mass in there probably my junior or senior year of high school (so 5/6 years ago), and it's small and intimate and simple yet beautiful.

There is a beautiful hotel located on top of a mountain in Gatlinburg, TN.  I will be meeting with the event coordinator this coming weekend to discuss specifics and see if it will be possible to hold the reception there!  I am really hoping that it will be as pretty in person as it is in the pictures, because if so, I totally want to have the reception there! 

Next week, on July 11th my sister will be in town and we are all going to go dress shopping!!!  I went to browse around about a week ago when my little sister from the sorority was in town and I have a couple in mind that I really like and want to show my mom and sister to see what they think!  However, there is definitely one that I can't seem to stop thinking about that may very likely be "the dress"!!!! 

If there is one thing I know for sure, I am definitely loving being engaged!!!  It is such an exciting feeling to know that I will soon be Mrs. Lynn, and that I will be married to my soulmate for the rest of my life!!!  We're both very excited about our future, and we can't ever seem to stop talking about it!  Right now our big dilemma is where we would like to live once I finish up school next year.  While Knoxville has been good to us, we're ready for a change and a bigger city to spread our wings in!  Hopefully in the coming months we'll be able to figure out just where we would like to begin our lives as Mr. and Mrs. Lynn!!!

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