Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!! The beginning in oh so many ways!

So first, a little background as to where the idea of the blog came from (gotta give credit where credit is due!)...

So about a year or so ago I came across an old friends blog where she shared bits and pieces of her small families everyday life.  She shared everything from big events like new babies to the small things like family pizza night and making homemade pizza for the first time with her two young boys.  I thought it was such a creative and fun way to keep family that lives far away updated with the everyday happenings of their new family as well as a great way to permanently record the exciting things that were happening to their growing family.  I loved that she shared the small moments along with the big, as those are some of the most special and most often forgotten with time.

After reading through her blog (and still checking in from time to time), I decided that when I started a family of my own that I would love to do the same thing!  I have family all over the place, and I also have big dreams as to where I would like to end up one day....so I figure this is a great way to share all those special moments with my large family as my little family begins and grows.

So, why start now you ask...well, isn't it obvious....WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!  Kevin asked me to marry him, and well, DUH, I said YESSSSSS!!!!  While it is still VERY VERY new to us, we're both very very excited about our future!!!  We have such big dreams, and we know every single one is possible, we just have to get started and make them happen!!!!  I wanted to start the blog now, because I want to chronicle everything.  I feel like this part of our life together will be just as special and magical as when we decide we want children, and when that day does happen and our kids are old enough, I think this could be something fun for them to look back on!  I know I love hearing stories from both mine and Kevin's parents about how things were for them when they first started dating, when they got married, and everything else that has gotten them to today.

I decided to name the blog "In Love With A Lynn" because, well obviously I'm in love with a Lynn!  And one day soon, I myself will be a Lynn!  And chances are if you're reading this blog, you love a Lynn since hopefully you love us as much as we love all of you!  So it seemed like the perfect name for a blog about us!!!

Once again, we're both very excited about our future together and we look forward to sharing every moment with you.  Both good and bad, the pretty and the ugly, we're very excited about where this beautiful thing called life will take us!!! So strap in and thanks for coming along for the ride!

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