Monday, October 10, 2011

Such a big deserved it's own post!!!

So...upon deciding to go to grad school in the spring, Kevin and I have made a HUGE decision that was in no way easy.  We have spent many days, nights, hours and minutes talking it out and trying to make sense of what would work best for us.  And after all of the talking, and a few tears we have ultimately decided to postpone the wedding.

Right now my Masters Program will run January through December of 2012, and if we went ahead and got married in June next summer, it would force us to spend the first 6-7 months of our married life apart since Kevin has an amazing job in Knoxville and has no plans of moving to MTSU with me when I go since I don't want to stay there following graduation.

We feel that by postponing the wedding it will allow us not only to be together when we do get married, but will allow us to better enjoy the planning process since we won't be making so many big decisions while I'm away at school and distracted by my school work.  This way I can focus on my work next year, and then once I'm done we can jump head first into planning and truly enjoy it all!!!  Plus, if we got married next June, my summer session would start the Monday following the wedding and we wouldn't be able to take our honeymoon following the wedding!  And after killing myself with wedding plans for a year +...I will most definitely want to escape to paradise for a couple weeks to relax following the wedding!!!

While it was probably one of the hardest decisions to postpone the wedding, we are VERY VERY excited to announce that our new date is...

June 22, 2013

So mark your calendars!!!  We are already super excited and can not wait for 2013 to get here so that we can begin our lives as husband and wife!  621 more days!  We know it will be here before we know it!!!

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