Wednesday, June 20, 2012

23 was good...24 is going to be even better

So 23 was good.  Other than the fact that I hate the number 3 (and yes...I realize I have a whole decade of them coming up...and I will have to learn to deal) was still a good year for me.

Just before turning 23, Kevin proposed!!!  And then for all of 23 I got to relish in the excitment of being engaged to the most wonderful man I know.

That day will forever be one of the highlights of my life, and our life together, that I'll look back on fondly.  Even after being engaged for a year, I still look down and see that sparkle on my left hand and it feels so surreal that I am marrying "Kevin Lynn"!!!  Just today when I caught a glimpse of it, I allowed myself to drift off into a day dream about our future together and it reminded me of just how excited I really am about the thought of us being married and spending the rest of our lives together!  And while I have been getting caught up in all the planning hoopla, Kevin really is the person I could never imagine living without.  

In my year of 23, I decided to go back to school for my masters, and managed to survive the first third of that process. Working on tackling the second third!!!!  And excited to take on the last chapter of this process this fall!!! 

In my year of 23, after struggling with decision to change our date since my going back to school interfered with our first one, we decided on a new date...6.22.13!!!!   And wedding planning officially began right after I wrapped up my first semester of grad school this spring!!!  I'm thrilled to announce that we have the church, the hall, and an amazing photographer!!!  Oh....and I've got the PERFECT dress!!!  All the big stuff is done, and I look forward to putting all the little touches on that will make 6.22 our day and reflect us and the love we have.

In my year of 23, Kevin and I developed some great new friendships.  This added to the time we spent outside, around the grill eating delicious food, and led to developing our new hobby...disc golf!!!  (Note to self...need to take more photos at such outings!)  

So...since I have no pictures of us actually disc golfing...I googled disc golf led me to this photo on this site,, and now I officially want these!!!! 

In my year of 23, Kevin and I finally decided where to start our life together as husband and wife.  Well, I guess we didn't exactly decide.  It was actually our inability to decide that led us to the conclusion that....staying in Knoxville is what would work best for us right now.  

And with hindsight being 20-20, I'm reluctant to say I'm really pleased with our decision to stay.  While I have vowed for the last several years that at the first opportunity to get out of Knoxville, or Tennessee, I would jump on it, I'm beginning to think it's not so bad after all.  And, after doing some research on some of the cities we've discussed living, and comparing the cost of living there to the cost of living in Knoxville, I feel like Kevin and I will be able to have the type of lifestyle both of us would like, while still being able to save the way I'd like! Kevin has also voiced his desire to go back to school himself to get his masters degree, and this will allow him to head back to his alma mater...UTK! wrap up 23...I enjoyed my first year of engagement, I began grad school, I dove head first into planning the wedding of my dreams to the man of my dreams, developed great new friendships, and Kevin and I decided where to spend the beginning of our lives together.

And to make it official...a month and two days before 24, we made an offer on our first house together, and the following day it was accepted!!!!  

So that leads me to why I think 24 will be so much better than 23!  For starters, we are set to close on our new house on my 24th birthday!!!  Talk about one heck of a birthday present!!!  I think Kevin should get one of those big bows they put on cars in the commercials, and climb up a ladder and put it on our roof for me!  :)  

And not that owning our very first home isn't enough, 24 will also bring with it...

My Masters Degree in Accounting from MTSU...graduation is currently set for December 15, 2012!!!  

With my graduation from MTSU, I will then be reunited with Kevin, and we can officially begin life together in our new house since I have been spending this year away from him while in school.  And with that, I will get to really transform the house into our home!!!!

I will also begin my new career following graduation which I'm very excited about!!!  I've always been a career minded person, and I actually look forward to working!  The job hunt will start this fall!!!  Keep your fingers crossed I find something amazing!!!!

And then finally, come 6.22.13, nearing the end of my year of 24, I will marry the most wonderful man I know!!!!  Gotta save the best for last right!!

All Saints Catholic Church, where Kevin and I will say "I do"!

24 holds so much potential already, and I'm so excited to see where it takes me, and Kevin!!  I've never dreaded, or resisted growing older. I feel as though it is a privilege and a blessing to be able to have one more day, week, month, or year to be able to experience and enjoy life.  I take each challenge as it is presented to me, and look forward to what life has in store for me down the road!!!  

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  1. Congrats on the house! I know great things are in store for you and Kevin. It is wonderful when you find the "right fit", everything just seems to fall in place. Best of luck and blessings on your future.